An open letter to all who wish for Pakistan to do better

Give a helping hand to underprivileged children

An open letter to all who wish for Pakistan to do better

An open letter to all who wish for Pakistan to do better

This is an open letter addressed to anyone, an individual or an organization, who wishes for Pakistan to do better, a better quality of life for every person.

This letter is addressed to those who feel the pain of others who have been kept illiterate, poor, malnourished, exploited, abused, and taken advantage of.  To those who feel pain at the sight of those who have been robbed of liberty, independence, self-respect, and the right to happiness. To those who get sick to their stomach when they see a child scavenging through neighborhood trash dumps, collecting pieces of plastic or plastic bags and water bottles to be sold at the end of the day to support their families. If you believe that there has been a cruel, callous, and calculated effort to put these children and their families in such a miserable position, then we want you to join us. This is an open secret. We all know it. But do we feel it?  It is a shame that a lower-middle-class or lesser family can afford three or four, as young as ten-year-old servants. Some may boast about it, but it is a sad reflection of a society where the value of life is nothing more than a few lakhs of rupees. 

This letter is addressed to those who are appalled and disgusted by the high level of illiteracy in Pakistan (almost 23 million 6-16-year-old school-age children have never held a book in their hands), the low quality of higher education, and a high level of unemployment due to lack of skill training, thus losing out on the great national asset, it’s young.

This letter is a call to all those who care, care enough to come together regardless of their sector of service and the size of their organization, or an individual, man or a woman.  We strongly encourage women to come forward and claim the one half of the earth that they have the God-given right to.  

We must come together to build a fraternity that dedicates its services to humanity without prejudice of any kind.  The goal of our efforts is to build a nation that one day can stand shoulder to shoulder with other nations on the world stage. The best way to begin is to educate the masses and improve the quality of education in general.

Our method of operation is extremely simple:  It is a partnership between us and the community.  You can say that it is a franchiser and franchisee relationship, where we as franchisers provide ideology, guidance, and structure along with all the necessary tools such as whiteboards, slates, notebooks, etc.  The community provides space and volunteer teachers and promises to abide by our rules of decency and non-violence against the children.   

    Our young are our national asset and massive potential energy. 
This energy must be turned into a dynamic form.


Munir Ahmad, M.D.

April 04,2022



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